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ALABAMA3 ACOUSTIC plus Special Guest


John Lee's Bar & Music Venue, Church Street, Tullamore, Offaly, Ireland

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John Lee

Alabama 3 is a pop band, a punk rock, blues and country techno situationist crypto-Marxist-Leninist electro band.

"We never went on X Factor or Pop Idol or Stooge Quest. We did it the old fashioned way; Back in 1996, we threw a big old party, invited all our friends. We took a fistfull of blotters and half a dozen disco biscuits and then made it up as we went along. Geffen records bought it..! for a million dollars! We never needed a self-appointed quango of jaded vampires to tell us how to sing the blues...we got MOJO. We have the power to raise the dead." To know more, visit

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